Casey Anthony Trial -- The Defense Errs

After idly watching the live stream on CNN on my laptop, I am convinced that the defense team is not very good and making huge errors in judgement in the defense of Casey Anthony. It is becoming obvious with the mountain of evidence that the 25 year old single mother killed young Caylee because a child was a drag on her. She wanted to have fun, like all twenty year olds do.

The defense has knitted together innuendo and scraps of drivel from the case, and is trying to posit an untenable theory. That theory grows more and more preposterous every day with the introduction of new prosecutor evidence. On top of it all, the lead lawyer, Jose Baez is having his house repossessed in Florida. His strategy is to attack the expert witnesses in a manner not going to the evidence, but directed at the expert witnesses themselves.

For example, Detective Yuri Mellich was testifying and every time that he answered, he faced the jury. That adds credence and establishes a rapport with the jury. Baez tried to point out that he was coached to do this and thus implying that Mellich was trying too hard to be convincing.

That caused all of the expert witnesses, including the CSI investigators to deliberately face the jury when answering. Then J. Cheney Mason, the other lawyer on the defense team, told another CSI investigator to look at him while answering. The judge had to admonish him, telling him that all that the witness was required to do, was to answer the question, and the lawyer couldn't tell the witness where to look. Mason came off looking hickishly stupid.

Baez tried to personally discredit an expert witness from an esteemed lab in Tennessee who tested the car for evidence of decomposition. It came across as trying too hard, insincere and had the optics of a slimely lawyer telling lies just to win this case.

The prima facie evidence is totally compelling as to the guilt of Casey Anthony. The defense strategy is totally miscalculated, and is somewhat incompetent. But one has to wonder -- is that a strategy for an appeal?

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