Tropical Rainstorm in the Ocean, Shot at Water Level

This stark and amazing photo is of a passing tropical rainstorm. The photo was shot from the water as the storm passed. Click on the image to get a larger picture and view the full effect of the majesty of the storm.

This picture was shot in the Bahamas archipelago.

Casey Anthony Trial: Why The Defense Sought a Competency Hearing

These images were all captured before the opening of court yesterday after the abrupt recess over the weekend in the Casey Anthony trial. The defense was in incredibly high spirits.

Jose Baez is laughing and joking.

You don't usually see this Jose Baez in the court room -- laughing and joking and happy. He is losing this case, and maybe he thought that he would get a reprieve.

This is a very very happy Casey Anthony on Monday morning.

Does this look like she is on trial for her life? I know parents who have lost children and a decade after the event are still grieving.

Does this look like a distraught mother who's little girl had died.

It's not difficult to see why the defense and Jose Baez sought a competency hearing of Casey Anthony, who is on trial for her life for killing her two year old daughter Caylee in Florida.

Defense attorney Jose Baez came out strongly saying that Caylee died in a swimming pool accident and it was covered up by Casey the mother and George, Casey's father and Caylee's grandfather. The defense further alleges that the mother's bizarre partying behavior afterwards was due to the fact that Casey was sexually abused by her father George.

Baez has been unable to provide a single shred of credible evidence to support either theory. As a result, he has painted himself into a corner.

I believe that he held the mental competency hearing so late in the game, to cover himself. He now has a way out to personally save face when he loses this case. He will say that Casey spun one of her numerous lies about the abuse. He realized it was a lie, and could say that because of it she was not aiding in her own defense, and her competency should be questioned.

I believe that Jose Baez read the depositions, and knitted together the story from odd speculations of the pool drowning from various transcripts, and tied it into a neat little package of abuse to cover the behavior.

It is obvious that Baez is out of his league. He and Cheney Mason brought up the handcuffs issue on cross examination which allowed the prosecution to introduce the fact that Cindy Anthony wanted Casey charged with credit card fraud. Many many times, it was obvious that Baez had not paid close attention to some details in depositions that came back to bite him.

So, now at least he can say that he was bamboozled by Casey's lies, and when he realized it, he petitioned the court for a mental competency hearing. This was all drama to cover his own backside, in my opinion.

The other interesting fact is that he added a death penalty attorney to the case. I think that he knows now that he is going to lose.

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Why The Casey Anthony Trial Was Stopped -- My Theory

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. recessed the Casey Anthony trial until Monday morning. Speculation is rife. Some people say that it could mean a plea is in the offing. Other explanations could be witness tampering or lawyer misconduct. Other pundits say that perhaps the prosecution has come up with direct evidence that Casey's mom, Cindy Anthony has perjured herself. They are all possibilities.

However, my main theory is that defense attorney Jose Baez will be asked to leave the case, and will face sanctions from the court for misconduct in not providing proper discovery disclosure to the prosecution. As a result, lawyer Cheney Mason, pictured above, will be named the lead attorney for the defense.

Jose Baez has conducted an extremely poor defense. In addition, he has recently had his Florida home repossessed.

Whatever the reason, this doesn't bode well for this trial, opening the door for grounds for appeal or perhaps even a mistrial.

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Court Room Hottie Shows The Bling -- Casey Anthony Trial

Yesterday's blog entry profiled the courtroom hottie, Madame Clerk of the Court in the Casey Anthony trial. Today, after watching the live video stream, we were amazed at the glitter of the bling that she is wearing today. Must say that it is very nice, and real eye candy. The necklace is quite stunning.

Another Court Hottie?

And we have to admit that women of education, intelligence and station are also dynamically attractive, and that goes to Linda Drane Berdick. The wicked side of us wants to ask the question "Was she a drain on her father's side?". I know, I know bad !!!

Court Room Hottie -- Casey Anthony Trial

Madame Clerk of the court of Judge Belvin Perry Jr. in the Casey Anthony trial is quite a court room hottie. She is in almost every video stream of the court. She swears in all of the witnesses. Never once that I have seen her bored or inattentive.

If any deserves some celebrity status out of this case, it should be the courtroom hottie.

Using a flash in underwater photography

This underwater picture was taken with a simple point and shoot digital camera. The water was rough and it had a lot of sediment suspended in it.

I couldn't really get close to the fish, because the area is heavily snorkeled, and the local spearfish on this reef, so the fish are extremely wary of human beings. On other more isolated reefs, the fish can be approached easily and one can get close to them.

I decided to turn on the flash on the camera to get a faster shutter speed to capture the fish motion. However with a fair volume of water in between myself and the fish, and a whole bunch of suspended particulate, I got the flash reflections as shown in this photo.

For true clarity, one has to wait until the water is crystal clear, or dive down deep enough to where the particulate stirred by wind and wave action has no effect.

The best pictures from the series, were ones where the flash was not used.

Discerning The Meaning of Life

My physical location changes a lot. I can be broiling away under the hot sun in the tropics. I can be tramping through deep snow on railway tracks that run a steam train in the non-winter months. I can be swimming on a coral reef with the fishes in an emerald sea, or I can be sculling ice cold water on a boreal forest lake. And all the while, I ponder on the meaning of Life.

Life can send you some crushing setbacks. It can send you some glorious victories, and daily between those two poles, stuff happens.

I have come to the conclusion that Life is only worthwhile if you are doing things that are significant to yourself. You have to be doing stuff on a daily basis that makes you happy and feeds something in your psyche. I have really gotten into this lately:

The circumstances around our life are so chaotic and unpredictable, that we have to control the elements in our life that we can. We have to control our negative thoughts. We have to make ourselves peaceful and calm and in doing so, we make ourselves happy.

In short, the thing that I have discovered and has been re-affirmed to me this morning, is that my Life has no meaning unless that I am happy in it. Simple, yet hard. Just like life.

Casey Anthony Trial -- Defendant Histrionics

Sitting on a hot Saturday morning on my computer and I clicked on the Casey Anthony trial. I was amazed at the patterns emerging. It seems that the defendant Casey is putting on a display of scripted histrionics.

Every time that the prosecution puts on anything related to the body of Caylee Anthony, she stares stoically and unemotionally. But when the defense team does anything, she bursts into tears and looks away -- even though the defense evidence is not as gruesome as the prosecution evidence.

In this particular screen capture, the opened skull of Caylee Anthony is being shown to the court.

Tornado Forms in the Bahamas

A tornado spout forms in Southern New Providence, the main island of the Bahamas where Nassau is located. It is unclear whether the tornado touched down, but it is highly unlikely.

Optical Illusion -- A Frog or a Horse?

Can you tell the difference between a frog and a horse? Study the picture closely, and then turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Click on the pic for a bigger image.

Casey Anthony Reactions As Jury Sees Graphic Caylee Skull Pics

As we speak, the jury is being shown graphic pictures of Caylee Anthony's body and skull discovered in a wooded area not far from her grandparents home where Casey lived.

These photos are Casey's reaction to graphic photos of her daughters skeletal remains.

Not once did Casey look at the monitor with pictures despite a lengthy introduction into evidence of many many graphic pictures.

Casey cried during most of the evidence and never once lifted her head either to the screen or to the court.

Amazing Sight in Singapore -- Sky Park

In Singapore, Sky Park opened.

On 24 June 2010 , Singapore opened a new wonder of the world. "Sky Park" Marina Bay Sands is located on the 200-meter height on the three skyscrapers, as if on three pillars. Here is the most expensive in the world of casinos, bars, restaurants, the largest outdoor swimming pool, 150 meters long and even the Museum of Modern Art.

Casey Anthony Trial -- The Defense Errs

After idly watching the live stream on CNN on my laptop, I am convinced that the defense team is not very good and making huge errors in judgement in the defense of Casey Anthony. It is becoming obvious with the mountain of evidence that the 25 year old single mother killed young Caylee because a child was a drag on her. She wanted to have fun, like all twenty year olds do.

The defense has knitted together innuendo and scraps of drivel from the case, and is trying to posit an untenable theory. That theory grows more and more preposterous every day with the introduction of new prosecutor evidence. On top of it all, the lead lawyer, Jose Baez is having his house repossessed in Florida. His strategy is to attack the expert witnesses in a manner not going to the evidence, but directed at the expert witnesses themselves.

For example, Detective Yuri Mellich was testifying and every time that he answered, he faced the jury. That adds credence and establishes a rapport with the jury. Baez tried to point out that he was coached to do this and thus implying that Mellich was trying too hard to be convincing.

That caused all of the expert witnesses, including the CSI investigators to deliberately face the jury when answering. Then J. Cheney Mason, the other lawyer on the defense team, told another CSI investigator to look at him while answering. The judge had to admonish him, telling him that all that the witness was required to do, was to answer the question, and the lawyer couldn't tell the witness where to look. Mason came off looking hickishly stupid.

Baez tried to personally discredit an expert witness from an esteemed lab in Tennessee who tested the car for evidence of decomposition. It came across as trying too hard, insincere and had the optics of a slimely lawyer telling lies just to win this case.

The prima facie evidence is totally compelling as to the guilt of Casey Anthony. The defense strategy is totally miscalculated, and is somewhat incompetent. But one has to wonder -- is that a strategy for an appeal?

Proof that People Never Look Up

Here is total proof that people never look up. I was standing on the bridge over the harbor, and I saw the excursion catamaran coming from a lot way off. I stood on the highest point of the bridge and waited for the catamaran to pass underneath. The passengers on the catamaran had ample time to see me on the bridge from afar, and yet no one looked up at me.

This is proof that people rarely look up in their environment.

Casey Anthony Trial -- Judge Belvin Perry Jr.

The best soap opera in town is the Casey Anthony trial. Since idly clicking on the live video stream from the CNN website, I have become hooked. Whenever I am at my computer, I check in to see how it is doing.

When I first saw it, I thought the judge, Belvin Perry Jr was a bit of buffoon. In the snippets of my watching the trial, I have come to the opposite conclusion. He is quite an astute trial judge with an amazing knowledge of the law.

Retro Glassine Negative Envelope -- 1959

Check out this scan of a vintage glassine photographic negative envelope from 1959. Glassine is ultra-smooth papers made by pressing the paper at the end of the papermaking cycle with highly polished rollers under pressure. It aligns the paper fibers and makes the envelope translucent and somewhat waterproof. Negatives were returned from photolabs in glassine envelopes. This was to keep them free of dust and scratches.

Click on the photo to enlarge it. You will see the price of prints. This was in the pre-color film days, so the cost of the print would double if you wanted it hand-tinted to colorize the print.

The interesting thing is that the prices are about the same for prints in 1959 as they are now -- from around 35 to fifty cents each. This makes photography back then quite expensive, as 50 cents could buy you a pound or two of hamburger.