Kodak Easyshare Camera won't turn on

One of the handy-dandy littlest cameras that I have had, was the Kodak Easyshare. I have had both the 5 mega-pixel and 6 mega-pixel versions.

First and foremost, I am amazed at the quality of the camera and quality of the lenses. I remember the days when Kodak turned out consumerism junk. The Instamatic took blurry pictures. Then they had the 110 camera that had no resolution at all. Plastic lenses were the order of the day.

It was explained to me that when digital cameras came about, Kodak had an epiphany. They had to turn out a quality camera to compete. And as far as I am concerned they did.

My 6 mega-pixel camera was ruined when I took a tumble into a snow bank. The camera was buried and it was warm, so the snow melted, and water got into the circuits, destroying the totally electronic camera.

The one pictured above is on its last legs. It stopped working (presumably after it took a bump). When turned on, the red light on the back near the peephole blinks red and it appears as if the battery is dead. Changing the batteries doesn't help. It never came with a charger because I didn't buy the dock.

I read online where if you pressed the "up" arrow on the back and turned the knob on the top to the auto position (on), then you could get the camera to start. I tried this, and the camera did open and immediately closed again. I experimented by pushing the OK button, the up button and turning it on. It turned on, and immediately turned off again. I didn't do anything but kept pressure on the buttons. It turn on and off.

I set the camera down, and a few minutes later, I turned it on. It worked perfectly. I took a few pictures, and then it went flaky again.

There is something wrong with the firmware or hardware of the camera. It does flake out, but it still takes pictures when it works by fiddling with it. After three or four pictures, it flakes out again.

I can't really complain. This camera is over three years old and has taken thousands of pictures including close-ups. For a cheap snapshot camera, I will probably replace it with the same thing.

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