Was Michael Jackson Gay?

Since I have a Michael Jackson autopsy picture on this blog, a reader sent me this to consider. The reader has been wondering if Michael Jackson was gay. In his research, the reader came across a gay blog where the gay blogger was discussing some of the possible origins of homosexuality.

One of the theories, is the amount of testosterone that a fetus gets in the womb when the mother is pregnant. A proven biological indicator of testosterone received as a fetus, is the length of the index finger compared to the length of the ring finger.

Most men, and those who received healthy doses of testosterone as fetuses, have a ring finger that is longer than the index finger. Many many gay men have the opposite, as shown in the picture below where the index finger is longer than the ring finger.

The reader then went and found this picture of Michael Jackson showing a longer index finger than a ring finger.

Our reader is careful to say that this doesn't prove that Michael Jackson was gay, however it is a sign that many gay men have. You decide for your yourself.


Anonymous said...

I heard that it's the other way around... Longer ring finger than index = more chance of being bisexual or gay...

Celena said...

It's not like there'd be anything wrong if he was, but Michael Jackson was NOT gay, I don't know why everyone questions this all the time.
There's quotes from both his wives, and people he knew that prove this, I don't have them at the moment, but he was checking girls out all the time. xD