Product Review: Euro Shades Phone Card

In the past few weeks, I have been phoning Europe a lot lately from North America. Until very recently, Skype wasn't very practical. I had to use a regular land line telephone.

We have used many brands, and as far as I am concerned "Euro Shades" is the best phone card out there. It is one of the best in terms of rates where $5 lets you talk for two and a half hours which is just over 3 cents a minute.

In many other cards, the lines are bad. They are filled with background noise, or have echoes on the line. On others the calls are frequently dropped, or sometimes just do not get through.

"Euro Shades" usually has excellent phone line quality and calls are rarely dropped. This card is on my "Recommend" list.

If I had to point out a negative aspect of "Euro Shades", it is that when I call and no one answers at the other end, I am still charged for calling. I lose about three to ten minutes of talk time every time that I call and no one is at the other end in Europe to pick it up. This happens too, when I am calling and the other party is one a cell phone and temporarily out of cell service. I get charged on this end.

However the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects and I recommend this card wholeheartedly.

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