Huge SEO Secret/Tip for getting hits

I just discovered a huge SEO tip, trick and secret. SEO is search engine optimization, and it means tuning your web content so that search engines find it easier, rank your page higher and drive more traffic to your website. Traffic is the key, because I have monetized all of my websites with Google Adsense and the more traffic I get, the more money I make. It is that simple. So traffic is king, and the key is SEO. If the search engines can't find you, you are living in the backwaters and boondocks of the internet where nobody goes. However in my case, it is more like the ghetto of the internet.

So what's the trick? Recent I put up a new blog -- one of many. It usually takes a couple of weeks before Google finds it -- even though I register the blog with Google. And after that, it takes a few months before I have enough content that the search engines regularly find it.

I was therefore surprised to find that I was getting hits just after two weeks. The source was the unlikeliness source that I would have thought of. I put a picture up with every blog entry. If I don't have a pic, I make a graphic with GIMP (a free graphics tool) or Photoshop (which I bought). That is the key -- the graphic or photo.

I then tag the blog or web entry. I put the usual tags that pertain to the content. But on a whim, I started adding tags that pertain to the photo. And that is where I started getting my hits.

My hits started coming from a classified ads site. Beside the ads, they had a brand new Google widget that shows pictures of the key words of the ad. In my case, a florist was selling pink carnations for mothers day, and I had a photo of a pink carnation in a garden. People would come to read the ad and then they would click on my photo. In other words, someone else would attract the traffic, and re-direct it to me courtesy of the Google Image Widget, a nice photograph, and properly constructed tags pertaining to the photo.

How do you determine proper tags? Let's suppose that I have the photo of the palm tree (above). Obviously the first tag is "palm tree". What are some other tags? Google will help you with that, because it knows the most popular search term. Like the photo above, you find the tags by what Google suggests are the most popular search terms. Click on the picture above and see what tags I chose for the web entry.

And there is one more thing to consider. When naming your picture or graphic, do not use image007 or the camera number like 1000C3458. Instead give it a name that is the same as the most popular Google search term. That way, when the key word is used anywhere else, and the site has the Google picture widget, your website will be presented to them as well. Instant free traffic for you, just by taking a bit of care with the pictures on your blog or website.

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