The FBI Needs Your Help -- Are You Good At Puzzles?

The FBI needs your help to solve a murder case. Click on the images above to get a larger image. Their best code-breakers have been unable to decipher the two pages of code found in a murder victims pockets. You can read about the whole case here:

When you go to the page, there is a link where you can offer your opinion on how to break this to the code-breakers.

This code has stumped them for ten years. My bet is that it is not a cipher or coded English, but rather it is shorthand for bookie transactions or something like that. (If you are thinking of submitting this as a tip, I already have).

I looked up a glossary of bookie terms, and it seems that one can make references to BET and TOTE -- all bookie terms.

See if you can crack the code and help the FBI.

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