Wyndow+Watcher Spy Software

Wyndow+Watcher legally monitors your computer. It lets you know what websites are being visited, what applications are being used and when, the title of emails being read and composed, and who is chatting or skyping with who. It keeps track of search terms used on Google.

It is not a keylogger which records every key stroke or an email reader. Those activities are an invasion of privacy and illegal in most states and countries. Wyndow+Watcher is completely legal.

It creates a log of everything that happens on a computer all the time, and writes it to a secret file. It is not noticeable. Wyndow+Watcher does not degrade performance of the computer. It does not compromise or reveal log-in id's, passwords or banking information, which is an illegal activity. It does not access that information.

Wyndow*Watcher keeps track of websites even though the history has been erased. It is plain old good insurance and protection for a computer owner.

It lets parents monitor the web activities of children. Wyndow+Watcher lets employers know when non-standard applications are loaded onto a work computer. It monitors employees who visit banned websites at work. It can be used legally to catch a cheating spouse.

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