How to get a clip from a DVD with free software

Family members had some Super 8 converted into a DVD and they wanted to separate out a wedding from the mishmash of child films and vacation adventures.

I needed to edit the DVD and re-burn it, and I wanted to do it with free software or freeware. Here is how I did it:

It is free.

Open DVD Shrink. I did this on my laptop, and DVD Shrink took forever, and then it just froze. The analysis went for a few minutes and then stopped. I couldn't believe it. DVD Shrink froze. Something was wrong. I couldn't get it to work. I then took it to a Pentium desktop machine, and tried it again. It accomplished the job in seconds.

Hit the Re-author button in DVDShrink.

Select the movie that you want from your computer DVD Drive in the right hand pane and right click to add it to the upper right pane. It will be added.

Then in the right hand pane, you can right click on the movie and choose the start points and end points. You don't have to know the time exactly, you can go through it frame by frame with the slider.

When you have chosen the start and end points (if you want the whole movie, just skip the start and end points) and hit the Backup button. You will prompted for a folder. I chose one on my desktop that I previously made.

When the backup is finished to your desktop, you will need some burning software. I downloaded Burn4Free, and when I burned the DVD, it played fine on my computer, but it wouldn't play on a DVD player. I googled "DVD plays on computer but won't play on DVD player" and wasted a lot of time and blank DVDs trying different things.

Finally in desperation, I downloaded ImgBurn from this link:

I installed the free download, and burned it onto a Memorex DVD. It still wouldn't play. I burned it onto a Verbatim DVD and it worked perfectly in the DVD player and on my computer.

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