How To Create A Successful Ad and Sell your Downloads

I am intrigued by human psychology. I often wonder how people react to certain images, stimulation and situations. People who know me well say that I am addicted to experimentation just to see what happens.

I just recently monetized this blog. I noticed that some days, I would have a gaggle of click-throughs, which was money for me, and other days, even though I had higher traffic, I didn't make a cent. I figured that it had to be the ads. There were certain ads that appealed to the impulse urge in the visitors to this blog.

So I started analyzing the ads that produced for me. I started to notice a lot of common elements. I kept notes and discovered certain traits among all of the successful ads.

I converted my notes into an eBook called "Top Secrets of the Google Ad Masters". I then found PayLoadz ( which allows you to sell downloads from their site.

Twenty minutes after I had published the .pdf , it was on the PayLoadz store and it was for sale. PayLoads is an amazing way to sell your downloads.

But first you have to attract traffic to go to the PayLoadz store. You need an ad. And that is where my book "Top Secret of the Google Ad Masters" comes it. It spells out the psychology, theory and practice behind the successful ads, replete with examples.

You can buy my book here: . It is only $9.99 and gives you a great headstart in creating successful ads.

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