World's Worst Deodorant

I have a candidate for the world's worst deodorant.  It is Arm & Hammer Advance.

It is labeled as a clear gel.  It is a gooey mess that comes through a series of holes on the top of the container. It comes out a sticky cold mess and never really dries for about half an hour.  All of my clothes are painted inside and out with a chalky residue that resists coming out.  It almost ruins good clothes.

Because it is a gooey mess, you go through the stuff like crazy.  It doesn't last as long as a stick deodorant.  The worst part is that after it does dry, it irritates my skin and turns it red.

Take a look at the photo and note the white chalky residue on the container.  That crap gets on everything that it touches.

This product is poor value for money, and very poor ergonomically.  I would stay away from it.

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