What kind of girl would Justin Bieber pick for girlfriend?

I was reading a Twitter post that asked the following question: "What kind of girl would Justin Bieber like?". I decided to do the Twitterverse a favor, and answer the question.

You have to take into account Justin's strict Christian upbringing. For example, his mother was aghast that Scooter Braun was Jewish and she was such a staunch Christian. So if you are a Jewish girl, you probably don't have a good chance of dating the Biebster.

Item 2 - His Mother. Justin's mother is a big influence in his life, and what influences her, are her church elders. So if you are a girl, and don't get along well with your mom, then that will be a major strike against you.

Coming from a Germanic, white background, Justin will probably be attracted to similar girls. If you are Black, Latino, or Asian, you probably don't stand a chance.

The girl that Justin chooses will have to be a practising Christian, and probably some form of born-again Protestantism. That eliminates Catholic girls.

And finally, Justin is a male, and most males probably prefer blondes. So you have to probably be blonde to attract his eye. And he is exposed to glamorous movie stars all of the time, so it is only natural that the girl that Justin chooses will be beautiful as well.

So there you have it -- blonde, white, Protestant and beautiful -- Justin's ideal girlfriend.

You are welcome!

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