What is IL# D5066 ?

The Lovely One and I strapped on our feedbags and dumped in a box of Triscuits. As we covered them with roast peppers, port cheddar, pesto, Camembert and other epicurian organic materials, "she who is always right" said that she could taste the chemical preservatives in a very delicious crisp. I straight away went to the box, and read the ingredients list. Here is what it says:

Ingredients: whole grain wheat, soyabean oil, salt, IL#D5066

The IL# D5066 was a stumper so I went and asked that fricking know-it-all called Google what it was. In this case Google was about as enlightening as a burnt out bulb, so I went to the source. I emailed the Triscuit people. A couple of days later, I got this response:

Thank you for contacting me about Triscuits.

The code (e.g. A165D) at the end of the ingredient line is not an ingredient but an internal label tracking number. That way we can tell more precisely what formula version it is.

Thank you for contacting us and please add our site to your favourites and visit us again soon!

Kim McMiller

Associate Director, Consumer Relations

Now isn't that special. As it turns out, according to this official email, they have different versions of the formula of making Triscuits. What immediately springs to mind, is that I wonder if I have the best version. Or why do they need different formula versions. Is one version less wheatier and more oilier?

Anyway, this didn't satisfy the Lovely One, so I sent back an email asking if perhaps the inner packaging was coated with preservative stuff like ButylatedHydroxylToluene (BHT) which is put in foods and embalming fluid. So far, there has been no response to my query. This leads me to wonder if the packaging is coated with embalming fluid. One never knows, especially if the box was made in China.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I would like to know what that number is too.

Anthony Pace said...

Kraft says that it is an item formulation ID. If you tell them the ID, they should know more about the specific formulation of the product.

I am not so sure that I was not given a line of BS; yet, the above is what Ivan, a supervisor at the Kraft call centre in Texas, has stated. 18006682253 is the number if you too would like to inquire.

Perhaps a slightly OT, but I am in Canada, and I was a little disappointed that it is a food product imported from the states. I am not out to take someones job; however, just as I am sure that people in the US would feel more comfortable, for both quality and economic reasons, if their food was home grown and manufactured locally, so too do I feel that Canadians should eat food made by Canadians. Did you know that certain States have included an allowable percentage of fecal matter, maggots, and other external waste/poisons allowed to be in your food content produced within US manufacturing plants?

Kraft is not doing anyone any good, including their own pocket books, by paying to have the product shipped across the border.