Twitter Traffic Tips Revealed

OK - you have signed up for Twitter and are anxious to use it.  Here is some real dope on Twitter that I got from experience.

1.  How do I get followers?

You get followers by following other people who are similar to you.  Twitter will tell you who is similar to you.

2.  What are the best kinds of accounts to follow?

Follow people like you rather than celebrities or organizations.  People like you are more likely to follow you back when you follow them.

3.  Is there a formula for determining how many people that I have to follow to get a certain number of followers?

Yes.  If you have a very interesting biography that appeals to a lot of people, generally you will get one follower for every three people you follow.  So the formula is simple.  If you want a thousand followers, you will need to follow 3,000 people.  However if you are selling something, and your Twitter account name is something like "MakeMoneyOnlineWhiz", then people are reluctant to follow you.  You will have to follow 5,6, or seven people before you get a follow.  The best numbers are put up by niche followers.  For example, you will get a follower for every two follows with such fields/interests as yoga, rugby or specialized niches.

4.  When I Tweet a post from my blog or website, how many hits can I expect per Tweet?

Generally if you are not blatantly advertising something, but rather put up some 'meaty' content, you can expect hits from about 2% of your followers.  If you are a specialized niche, you will get more.

5.  What kind of Tweets get the best response:

Tweets that get the best response are those that stand out from continuous stream of oncoming Tweets.  You have to use unique words, catchy phrases and have some sizzle in your Tweet.   Tweets with sizzle are knows as Twizzles.  Exciting Tweets.

6.  What is the worst time to tweet in terms of response?

Between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM?

7.  What is the worst evening to tweet in terms of response:

Friday Night.

Stay tuned for more.

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