Philoeclectic -- New Word Invention

I recently had to come up with a word to describe this blog. This blog is really eclectic. It's accretes information from a wide variety of topics, sources, inspirations, and interests. The word for that is "eclectic". I wondered if "Eclectica" had been coined as the noun for this stuff. It had. There are many Google hits for the word "Eclectica".

Then I remembered a word that Ray Geiger, the editor of Farmer's Almanac had coined. It was "philomath" or lover of learning. I am a lover of eclectica. Therefore I am a philoeclectic who likes all things eclectic.

I am pretty sure that this is an original word. If it turns out so, this is my second one, proving that in fact I am a philoeclectic.

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