Anatomy of a Spam Scam

I got the following email in my Spam folder:

I am Dr. Robert Clayton, a financial Manager Of Financial Firm Ltd. We grant
Loan at 2% interest rate per year. contact us with the following E-mail:

Full Name:__________Amount Needed:_______Duration:_______Country:________
Tel NO:_______Sex:_______Monthly Income:_____

Please note that all your reply should be forwarded to our Company email:

kind Regards,
Dr. Robert Clayton
Contact E-mail:


I knew this was fake because it was in my Spam folder, and the company is Financial Firm Ltd. He might as well have put Financial Scam Inc. What caught my interest was that he said to respond to an AOL account, yet the account was sent from a university student account in Taiwan and the telephone number is probably a cheap throw-away cell phone. The country calling code is in the UK, so you can safely say that the UK based hacker got into a Taiwanese student account to send spam and wants you to respond to him in the UK. What he couldn't do, was get rid of the footers that the university puts on each student account. The screen shot above is from the Taiwanese domain.

I wonder if these guys actually think that they can get money out of people. Technology must come up with an answer to eliminate this sort of garbage.

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