Product Review: Soligor T157 Tripod

I must admit that I am a little jaded with Walmart. However, the Lovely One decided that she needed a tripod and I bought the Soligor T157 Tripod at WalMart. I used to sell cameras at a major department store when I was in high school and I recognized the Soligor brand name.

This tripod met and beat my expectations. For the price, it is amazing. It comes with a carrying bag, two quick release bases for you camera so that you can change cameras without unscrewing from the tripod. It has full pan head, adjustable tilt and portrait/landscape tilt. It has a handle to carry it with one hand. The legs are ball and socket for stability. It also has a hook on the center column to hang a weight or your camera bag to stabilize the tripod in wind or slope.

I paid $34 (Canadian dollars) for it, and it is well worth the price.


Unknown said...

I just bought that same tripod too. I'm not a photography expert at all, I just wanting something for Vlogging. It seems like a really good deal and it's easy to carry around.

C St-Pierre said...

J'ai acheté ce trépied il y a un an environ. Celui-ci est seulement pour les PETITS appareils photos/vidéos numériques. Si vous avez un reflex Canon/Nikon ou autre avec un objectif du genre 70-300mm oubliez ça.

Anonymous said...

It is an more than adequate beginner/casual use tripod for the price ($24 Can).

Pros: lightweight, weight hook on the centre post, quick release instead of screw-on, two quick release plates provided, panhead, two levels (3 is better), carry handle, quite tall at full leg height (never use the centre post to raise the height more than a couple of inches,landscape/portrait positions for those who do not wish to spend $20 for an l-bracket instead of ruining the tripod by tilting the head into the side vertical position.

Cons: too long folded, cheaply attached legs (they just slide into the head base), slips down due to the clips to adjust legs are not good so get ones that screw rather than clip like these, the legs can slip down, or the camera may dip down, when a DSLR A330 size camera with a 200mm lens or more is used, vertical position to take shots in portrait position instead of landscape (get an l-bracket instead, legs are only 3-sections (get 4 sectional) so legs don't allow for ground level perspective shots (ex river, railway tracks or highways),

Recommended? Sure, if you are tight on cash or are only a casual photographer. I would recommend the ball heads (with three levels) with screw-type legs