Product Review: Soligor T157 Tripod

I must admit that I am a little jaded with Walmart. However, the Lovely One decided that she needed a tripod and I bought the Soligor T157 Tripod at WalMart. I used to sell cameras at a major department store when I was in high school and I recognized the Soligor brand name.

This tripod met and beat my expectations. For the price, it is amazing. It comes with a carrying bag, two quick release bases for you camera so that you can change cameras without unscrewing from the tripod. It has full pan head, adjustable tilt and portrait/landscape tilt. It has a handle to carry it with one hand. The legs are ball and socket for stability. It also has a hook on the center column to hang a weight or your camera bag to stabilize the tripod in wind or slope.

I paid $34 (Canadian dollars) for it, and it is well worth the price.

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Unknown said...

I just bought that same tripod too. I'm not a photography expert at all, I just wanting something for Vlogging. It seems like a really good deal and it's easy to carry around.