Camouflaged Lizard

This little guy was photographed on Paradise Island in Nassau, and he really blends in well with the tree.

When it's OK to use the "F" word ... Part IV

This is Part III of a series of photos making the rounds of the Internet entitled "When It's OK to Use the 'F' Word". Enjoy.

I'd like to see what was on the other end of the crane.

Plow just a little too deep and you get plowed.

Da plane, boss, da Plane !!!



When it's OK to use the "F" word ... Part III

This is Part III of a series of photos making the rounds of the Internet entitled "When It's OK to Use the 'F' Word". Enjoy.

"You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit in the wind ..."

Rock and Roll, Part IV

The landing could be mildly interesting

Sticky wicket

Redefines rocking chair.

When it's OK to use the "F" word ... Part II

This is Part II of a series of photos making the rounds of the Internet entitled "When It's OK to Use the 'F' Word". Enjoy.

No heavy lifting allowed.

I was sure that I could sneak through.

Hello, Boss, I got good news and bad news. The good news is that the ferry made it to the dock.

Built Ford Tough.

This will be an exciting ride.

When it's OK to use the "F" word ...

This is a series of photos making the rounds of the Internet entitled "When It's OK to Use the 'F' Word". Enjoy.

Puts a whole new meaning to "roach on your bread". (In the Bahamas, the term 'roach on your bread' means that your wife is cheating on you.)

This depicts "Up to your ass in alligators".

A view that you don't want to see out of your plane window.

Guess what this guy was doing?

Is this train bound for glory?

A Cup Of Hot Water Vaporizes in -30 degree weather

This is my video that is popular on CNN where I toss a cup of hot water into the air with -30 degree temperatures and the water completely vaporizes. Check it out.

Days Are Getting Longer

The days are definitely getting longer even though we are in the cold grips of winter. I will be in the tropics again shortly, so this winter will be shorter than usual for me.

Cold Winter Day

Today was a cold, cold day in the hills of Quebec and I can hardly wait to arrive in the tropics. It was so cold that the car wouldn't start until I put a heater under the engine compartment for 15 minutes. Tropical sun, I can hardly wait.

My Epigram about Happiness

Sometimes Life comes along and offers us a little bon bon of happiness. We look at if it were a foreign object and say "No Thanks, it wasn't the flavor of happiness that I was looking for."
-- (I said this)

Global Village Myth -- The Failure of Globalization

... we are all not created equal ...

I was pondering the state of the world from the geo-political spectrum and the picture was not pretty. Osama bin Laden is threatening to attack France. Some members of the Tea Party in the United States are just as right wing radical as the muslim extremists in their views of how a society should be run. Nutbars like Chavez of Venezuela and even Palin of the United States have a large constituency even though their ideas are not well thought out. Religious dogma trumps science and the observable world for many people. Peace on Earth in these supposedly enlightened times is a larger myth than in the past.

The biggest failure of all, is that we are all equal partners in a global village, and everyone and every country is a peer. This is a myth and it is false. Witness the fact that Haiti can't get it together, and may never do so. Africa remains a dark continent and uncivilized, unenlightened behavior is rampant. Millions of women are discriminated against in muslim countries. Dictatorships abound in a world where everyone is supposed to have a voice by virtue of their humanity. Yet it doesn't happen, and my contention is that it never will.

The reason is the same reason that communism failed. The basic assumption that we are all equal is false. Communism assumed that all workers are equal and all possess the same unit of work and their worth to society is identical to the person to the left and to the right of them.

We are not all equal as countries, as people, as races, as ethnic groups or even as arbitrary groups like cities and neighborhoods. For proof, ask any grade school teacher, or go into any classroom. No two students are the same, and in the class you will get the whole spread of marks and grades from failures to genius. You will have a microcosm cross section of the human condition. This pattern propagates itself throughout the entire family of man.

So you will have adherents to a Stone Age religion who believe in killing those who do not share their beliefs. You will have entire groups of people who cannot govern themselves without either a dictatorship or anarchy. You will have entire cultures who cannot see the intrinsic wrongness of discriminating against women, minorities or those who are different from them.

People are different. Cultures are different. We as human beings are resistant to changes. And many human beings lack the mental machinery of their peers to recognize their shortcomings, failures, and mistaken ideologies. We will never all be on the same page.

As a result, we will not live in harmony in the global village. The global village is not a village. It is a collection of barrios that compete with another, fight with another, trade with another or exploit each other.

No matter how altruistic the ideal of a global village sounds, it will never happen until we have a homogeneous people, a homogeneous culture and the same degree of enlightenment. And even then, there will always be the village idiot.

Winter Sunset

As my days in the cold north draw to a close, I photographed the sunset over the Meech Creek valley in the Gatineau Hills. I am really looking forward to the tropics again, and the sun being high in the sky and beating down hard on the deep blue sea.

Skating on the Pond

As I slowly prepare to head back to the tropics, I cherish the special things up north. One of them is the impromptu ice hockey games that take place on the frozen ponds, lakes and rivers. One gets rosy cheeks, and then afterwards, it is hot chocolate by the fire. It is truly Canada at its best.

Cherry Passion Tic Tacs -- Yum !!

I have to say that this flavor of Tic Tac is the bomb. I got a pack of these before going into a meeting. There are red ones and yellow ones in a 50/50 mix. I love this flavor, to the point where I finished the whole pack, even though I am not a candy person. This is on my list now as an indispensable.

Winter in the Mountains of Quebec

The sunrise was spectacular this morning in the mountains of Quebec. It snowed all day yesterday and this morning, it was a fairy tale world outside. When the sun rose on the hills, the golden rays painted the fir trees of the boreal forest.

At the cattle auction

Some cows await the auction ring on a cold winter's day. Steam rises from the warmth of the cattle.

My Next Caribbean Stop

It looks like my next stop on this Caribbean journey will be in the land of Irie, mon. Stay tuned. It should be an adventure.

Mellow Yellow

I snapped this frame at Marina Village in Nassau. The architecture is typical Bahamas, and the architect is Jackson Burnside III.

1921 Calendar Graphic -- Buddies

This graphic is from a 1921 calendar issued by an insurance company. It was clipped by my children's great-grandmother because she liked it.

Product Review: Soligor T157 Tripod

I must admit that I am a little jaded with Walmart. However, the Lovely One decided that she needed a tripod and I bought the Soligor T157 Tripod at WalMart. I used to sell cameras at a major department store when I was in high school and I recognized the Soligor brand name.

This tripod met and beat my expectations. For the price, it is amazing. It comes with a carrying bag, two quick release bases for you camera so that you can change cameras without unscrewing from the tripod. It has full pan head, adjustable tilt and portrait/landscape tilt. It has a handle to carry it with one hand. The legs are ball and socket for stability. It also has a hook on the center column to hang a weight or your camera bag to stabilize the tripod in wind or slope.

I paid $34 (Canadian dollars) for it, and it is well worth the price.

Snow Making at the local ski hill

The snow guns are out in full force covering the mountain in man-made snow at the ski hills near our place. It is an awesome display.

Meech Lake in the Winter

Most Canadians over a certain age or students of history, remember the political furor over the failed Meech Lake Accord where Quebec was not brought in to the Canadian constitution. This was how Meech Lake looked like yesterday.

Moscow Luggage Tag -- Pan AM

This is a scan of my Pan Am luggage tag from JFK airport in New York to Moscow. In 1992, the year that the Soviet Union fell apart, Moscow was back in the USSR. It was an amazing time to be in Moscow, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitation Gone From Bahamas

Every January for the past few years, I would look forward to the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. However after a ten year run, it has moved to Las Vegas. Pictured about are some of the souvenirs that I acquired during my stints as a caddy. I had a great time at it.

Magical Dream Cabin in the Woods

This is a dream get-away cabin in the woods where one can escape the rat race and the humdrum of life.

This pic was taken in the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains.

Answers To Google Queries

New Year's Rainy Day on the River in Chelsea

I have decided to answer some questions from Google queries that bring readers to Cosmological Cabbage. Here goes:

  • It's not spelled otopsi, it is spelled "autopsy".
  • Yes, Thierry Bordelais is the husband of record for serial killer sicko Karla Homolka.
  • Yes Michael Jackson is dead.
  • No, you will not learn how to get money by coming to this site to learn how to hack magnetic cards.
  • Yes Virginia, there are huge land crabs.
  • Leanne Teale is the new name of Karla Homolka, and she is not living in the Caribbean. Her Facebook name was Emily Bordelais, but I don't know what it is now.
  • Ghetto prom pictures are high tack, but not as tacky as going to McDonalds for your wedding.
  • What is outside the universe. Well, what makes the most sense to me is that the Big Bang was caused by a "brane" collision. What is a brane? Read here! After you have read about branes, go HERE! and then go here (click on the links). You are welcome.
There you have it. This is why people come here, and I have summarized it all in one easy place. Send money.

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all of the readers of Cosmological Cabbage. May your new year be full of health, happiness and prosperity.