Top Yahoo Searches

Yahoo published its top ten searches for 2010. Here is the canonical list:

The top Yahoo searches of 2010 are:
1. The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster
2. The World Cup soccer tournament
3. Pop singer Miley Cyrus
4. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
5. Singer Lady Gaga
6. Apple's iPhone
7. Actress Megan Fox
8. Singer Justin Bieber
9. "American Idol"
10. Singer Britney Spears

It shows you exactly what society is interested in the most. It's not a very promising list in terms of how enlightened society is.

Updated: One of the top searches anywhere is for pictures of Jared Lee Loughner, the Arizona shooter of lawmaker Giffords, posing with a red G-String. So here it is:

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