Retro Comics -- The Teenie Weenies

This reference material comes from Wikipedia:

The Teenie Weenies, a comic strip about two-inch tall people living under a rosebush, created and illustrated by William Donahey first appeared in black and white in the women's section of the Chicago Tribune on June 14, 1914. The comic strip ran as a one panel story with a picture until 1923.
Donahey drew the comic strip until October 26, 1924 when it was then temporarly discontinued. Donahey's comic characters then went into advertising when the newspaper feature was stopped.

On September 24, 1933, the daily comic strip was added again to the Chicago Tribune newspaper. It went then only for about a year and was suspended again on December 2, 1934. On May 18, 1941, the Sunday comic strip feature came back permanently.[4] It continued until Donahey's death. Donahey retired in 1969. The last newspaper comic strip episode appeared February 15, 1970. Donahey died February 2 of the same year and never saw the last episode published.

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