Classic Retro Comics -- Little Orphan Annie

Little Orphan Annie ran from 1924 to 2010. This sample here is drawn in 1964 by Harold Gray who was the originator of the cartoon.

Retro Comics -- Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant is next in my series of 1964 retro comics. The story line was ongoing and continuous and you needed to follow it from one week to the next. I never did, and maybe the lack of continuity is why it was never popular for me. The comic had exquisite quality, but it was maybe unsuited for the slap-dash newspaper medium. This particular comic was printed blurry on my paper copy. Maybe the detail was too fine for the printing press.

Classic Retro Comics -- Buck Rogers

Again from the April 1964 series, this is the classic Buck Rogers. I do admit that hockey-playing Martians stretched the credibility factor.

Retro Comics -- Bringing Up Father

This was a comic that I never got. "Bringing Up Father" didn't appeal to me. However it was in the 1964 weekend supplement, so it is part of my display of retro comics.

According to Wikipedia, Bringing Up Father was an influential American comic strip created by cartoonist George McManus (1884–1954). Syndicated by King Features, it ran for 87 years, from January 12, 1913 to May 28, 2000.

Retro Comics -- Abbie 'n Slats

I am bent on digitizing an example of every comic that appeared in the weekend supplement in April of 1964. Today's comic is "Abbie 'n Slats" featuring Bathless Groggins by Raeburn Van Buren. This is one comic that I didn't follow back in the day.

Retro Comics -- Mr. Abernathy

Continuing in my series of documenting what the colour comics weekend supplement was in April of 1964, we have the toon, Mr. Abernathy. This was one of my favourites.

Retro Comics -- Right Around Home With Myrtle

I scanned the whole color comics weekend edition from April 4, 1964 and this is one in the continuing series. It is Right Around Home With Myrtle. It is a very busy comic -- just one panel.

Facebook Bug Disabling Accounts

Facebook has announced that they have had a bug that disabled accounts, mainly female. The bug manifested itself by locking users. I have an idea what this may be about. For the past few days, I have been getting messages from women, new users directing me to an email address and website. The profile pictures were of nude women in seductive poses. I kept reporting these to Facebook as I suppose thousands of others did. My guess is that the introduced bug was to block these spammers.

Retro Comics -- The Heart of Juliet Jones

I remember this series in my local hometown newspaper. It was just "Juliet Jones" in the daily strip, and the big event for me was when Juliet got married to Owen Cantrell the lawyer. Google informs me that Owen was murdered in the strip in 1985. By that time comics were no longer of interest to me. This one is from the 1964 series.

Retro Comics - Scamp

Continuing in the series what cartoons appeared in the comics section of 1964, we have "Scamp" drawn by Walt Disney. It was a particularly clean, high quality cartoon with great attention to detail.

Retro Comics - Dick Tracy

Continuing in the series of retro comics from 1964, we have Dick Tracy. The comic strip made it debut on October 4, 1931. It was created by Chester Gould who drew it until 1977.

Retro Comics - Blondie

I found an old Sunday supplement of comics from April of 1964, and this is the Blondie comic strip as done by Chic Young. I believe that it still continues today and is being drawn by Chic Young's son. Click on the image for a larger version.

Retro Comics -- Lil Abner

This is what the April 4, 1964 Li'l Abner comic by Al Capp looked like in the weekend supplement to the newspaper.

Tropical Dreams

The beach at Harbour Island, Eleuthera. Gotta make it back soon on the fast ferry from Nassau.