What do you figure this is?

So what do you figure this is? Is it a high tech barber shop? Is it a primitive game arcade? Is it a console for a security company? Is it someone's idea of a neat computer workstation? Intriguing .....

A New Humor Invention -- The Anti-Caption

I posted this pic on my Facebook page and asked for comments. This picture is from the Bahamas and shows the Opening of Court Year. The judicial system has virtually no separation of Church and State and goes to a church service when the season for court opens. The big dude in the center, is Sir Michael Barnett, the Chief Justice of the Bahamas.

I asked for captions on my Facebook page, and my sister immediately responded with:

I don't think "Blonds have more fun" fits in here.

I immediately realized that she invented a whole new genre of humor -- the anti-caption. The way that it works, is that a funny photo is captioned with the opposite, most inappropriate caption that doesn't apply.

I am off to find more examples of this. Later.

World Exclusive --Autopsy Photos of Paul The Octopus

As you know by now, Paul the Psychic Octopus who successfully predicted the outcomes of a string of FIFA World Cup matches including the final between Spain and the Netherlands. Paul was 8 out of 8 for the finals, and his overall average was an impressive 12 out of 14. He did better than any human prognosticator.

One of our spies sends up this autopsy photo of the famous Paul the Psychic Octopus. It shows the celebrity octopus on the slab. Rest In Peace Paul. Who, except you could have predicted this?