In a previous entry on growing meat in a lab, I mentioned the concept of tissue culture in an artificial medium. Today' concept takes it just a little further. In the future, instead of relying on people who kick the bucket for transplantable organs, we can grow one artificially in a chamber, just for the person who needs it. You don't need to go through the fuss and bother of waiting for someone to die, or suffering the trauma of knowing that someone else's guts are inside of you.

Scientists have already grown an artificial ear on a mouse. However, we will develop the protocols to grow complex organs like a kidney, in a laboratory chamber, totally without the mouse.

One of the benefits is that the starter tissue could come from the person needing the organ. Thus once the organ was grown, there would be no chance of rejection (except when the person dates).

Judging by the spam that I get, I'm willing to bet that the first artificial organ grown for transplant, will be the male sex organ. Some men with esteem issues will pay anything for a large one.

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