Taking Blogging to the Next Level

In case you haven't noticed, there has not been any posts for a few days. I decided to change direction with my blogging again, and gain a wider audience on the stuff that interests me, and not just the Karla Homolka or Michael Jackson autopsy pictures.

I have become an iReporter for CNN. In my 17 submissions, two have made it to the CNN web page. Here is one of them:

CNN producer note

During his nightly beach walk on Paradise Island in the Bahamas,TommyBahama snapped a photo last night of a full moon illuminating a palm tree. If you look closely, you can see Jupiter peeking through the palm fronds. 'I love stargazing, because I am interested in cosmology,' said Bodnar. 'I like to ponder and speculate on the origins of the universe and celestial bodies.'
- katie, CNN iReport producer

iReport —

Happy Full Moon to you.

This is tonight's full moon over Paradise Island in the Bahamas. In the sultry September eve, this is one celestial orb worth howling at.


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