Got Milk -- Cowless Milk?

The chief driving factor of progress is corporate profits. Of these days, someone will figure out that the lactose intolerant are a huge niche market segment, and we will have the invention of artificial milk.

Artificial or cowless milk will have a much larger consumer base than the lactose intolerant. Folks who follow the organic way, can finally buy milk where it has no chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones, drugs or any other additives in it. In essence, artificial milk will be as pure as mother's milk, provided that the mother is not a crack addict or taking any kind of drugs at all.

The other advantages of cowless milk is that it is not handled anywhere near manure so it cannot be contaminated with e coli. It will not spoil on the way to the dairy from the farm, and it will not take as much energy to produce. You will not need the tractors to make the hay and corn to feed the cows. In addition, there will be less greenhouse gases from the artificial process.

The big question is, will it taste the same? Does the milk process from animals actually contribute to the taste that we all know and love along with dipped Oreo cookies? If not, then no one is going to cry over this spilled milk.

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