Future of People

When the internet first appeared, I was naive enough to think that if everyone had an internet connection, and it would engender dialog and we would be on the way to peace in this brave new world.

I was wrong. The internet is being used as a weapon by groups of people who want to obliterate other groups of people. The ethic-less Chinese are using it to try and gain world dominance. The Muslim extremists use it to communicate messages to synchronize their mayhem and destruction in the West. The Tea Baggers use it to spread their right-wing intolerance As a matter of fact, even Colonel Sanders and KFC are coming out with a Tea Party Bucket. It consists entirely of right wings and a**holes.

With the ninth anniversary of September 11th come and gone over the weekend, I was struck with several cogent thoughts about the future of people. We will always have the hierarchy of people. The bottom of the hierarchy is populated with most of the people who will never escape the lower socio-economic, cultural and intellectual level. The people least qualified to have children have the most. It is very Darwinian. The best of Mother Natures vast genetic experiments, like the cream, rises out of the morass to the top.

As long as there is a large pool of people at the bottom (and many of them have votes), then politicians will stoop to the lowest common denominator to harvest those votes. And as one American commentator put it, to get rid of hate in the world, we have to shoot all the grandmothers. Children learn hate on their grandmothers knee. So we will always have hate.

The Arabs will hate the Jews. The Muslims will hate the Christians. The right wing Republicans will hate their black president, gays, immigrants, Hispanics, and anyone not like them. Everyone will hate New Jersey.

The only way to break this mold is through the scary principle of eugenics. People will have to have a licence to have babies. They will be genetically matched and screened to eliminate genetically passed diseases, including stupidity.

The two questions that jump out are (1) Do we want this kind of world and (2) will it ever happen? I believe that the answer to both is "No". It would be like herding cats. The people that disagreed with it, would bear arms against those who wanted such a system. There would be more murder and mayhem then we have now.

I guess that the only hope for peace on earth, is the large asteroid that is heading directly for Earth. When it impacts, after the dust settles, there will be peace for another 65 million years.

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