Digital Data DNA

We are generating data at an incredible rate. With the help of Moore's Law which states that the amount of transistors (hence) memory on a chip doubling every two years, we now take pictures, record and twitter every moment of our lives. All of this digital data has to be stored. Up until now it hasn't been a problem.

However, the most stuff that we as humans are generating is data and the curve is not linear but exponential. This means that the amount of yearly data is not a straight line but a power curve. If we generate 2 exabytes a year, then the next year it is 4 and the next year is 16 exabytes. We must find new ways to manage this data.

Mother Nature has given us a template in DNA. DNA contains enough encoded information to make a human being, and it is tiny and found in every cell. We must find a way to encode data in a manner similar to the way DNA encodes information. Right now, data is a single dimension. If we can dimensionalize data, we can store a lot more data in a much smaller space. It will be much more efficient than the data compression that we do now.

So all of you inventors out there, get your thinking caps on. If you find a way to make Digital Data DNA, you will be richer than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim and the top 5 worlds richest billionaires all combined.

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