The Smart Diaper

Last night I was having a discussion with a friend about whether we would choose to become a parent again. Parenting is hard work and it never ends. It goes on for years. Of one thing that you can be certain, is that technology will help.

One of the things that I foresee, is the smart diaper or diagnostic diaper. We have at-home diagnostics in many things. Women pee on a stick to see if the rabbit dies and they are pregnant. Diabetics test their own blood at home. It makes sense for a company like Pampers to gain the market edge by creating a diagnostic diaper.

The smart diaper would analyse the things that it has readily available. These would be pee, poop and temperature. Not only would the diaper notify you when it needs changing, it will also give you a running analysis of the contents of the diaper.

The biggest invention in diaper technology that I am waiting for, is an odor neutralizer. Now that would be a huge boon to mankind.

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