Mindless Entertainment

When you are bored and in need of mindless entertainment, sometimes you turn on the TV. It is quite an inefficient way to entertain yourself and stimulate your brain away from boredom.

You actually have to watch a TV show. The images travel from the retina to the optic nerve to the image processing center of the brain. From there you decipher the images, infer the content, react to the contact and produce the brain chemicals that makes you unbored.

As they say "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker". Our future will find a quicker way to entertain you. One will don an entertainment helmet studded with electrodes. Then one dials in the firmware that stimulates the brain for laughter, happiness, nostalgia or whatever. You could have a comedy show without the comedy, rife with laughter.

I am sure that iTunes will have downloadable programs for brain stimulation. What will make it interesting, is if the program had a virus. This will take brain drain to a whole new level.

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