The Internet of Things

Not so long ago, I thought that I had an original idea. I had been designing micro-payment systems based on RFID or Radio Frequency ID chips. I got the bright idea that if everything had an RFID tag, then it would be identifiable and one could google it. You would have an internet of things, instead of just web pages. A couple of days ago, I saw that the Chinese are trying to do this in Shanghai and beat the world on this idea.

It would be an amazing concept. A PDA (personal digital assistant) or iPhone would have an RFID reader just like the one pictured in the upper left above. As you passed a tavern or a bar, you could google it automagically to check out the ambiance. You pass a utility pole with a tag on it. It would tell you what utilities it carried. In the grocery store, you google the apples to find out where they were grown and when they were picked.

The meat that you eat would have a tag, and you would know the cow's name and where it was raised. If you pass a snazzy car, it would tell you how many horsepower it has and how fast it goes. A picture frame has a tag on it, and you could Google the identities of the people in the picture.

Everything from the Eiffel Tower to specially engineered insects that eat other noxious insects would have a tag that you could Google. It would be much more fun surfing the internet of things when you go out for a drive.

With the internet of things, people could even Google your location. Although if they see you are on Facebook, it would be unnecessary because they would know that you are at work.

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