Internet Connected Apparel

Imagine having your ball cap connected to the internet. The GPS component would guide you to a bar to meet your friends, and you would impress your girlfriend by not getting lost or having to stop to ask for directions (although from the amount of jokes on the internet, it seems that women value the ability in a man to stop and ask for directions).

An internet connected hat would really help to google for a really good pickup line when you meet a girl --(eg "Hey Baby, can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?"). You could also use it to keep track of the baseball score in places like a church or at a funeral.

An internet-connected hat means that you wouldn't need to bother carrying an iPod. You would just upload your playlist and take it from online. The hat would have a solar panel to recharge the battery, so you wouldn't have to worry about recharging, because it would always be recharging.

The best thing about an internet connect hat is that it appears to make you look smart, and you can let it go to your head.

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