The Future Of Tattoos

As much as I hate tattoos, they are here to stay. And tattoos will go high-tech. One of the most probable ways, is that the tattoo artist will work from a keyboard.

Getting a tattoo will involved using a needle to embed microscopic liquid crystal diode threads under your skin. Instead of embedded tattoo ink as they do now, you will get a display LCD thread under your skin.

The LCD threads are displays like laptop displays, and you can put in a picture to be displayed on the threads. The threads will behave like a raster image (in old non-digital TVs, the tube painted the picture in lines called raster lines. The image was made up of a series of lines that were dynamically updated every 30th of a second. That is why TV screens flicker when they are on the TV themselves. The raster scans are out of sync.).

So with a rasterized tattoo, eventually you will get tattoos that are animations, or movies. Yippee, I can hardly wait. (Sarcasm off!). The next thing you will see, is playboys playing porn on their tattoos.

In the meantime, before this feature of the future arrives, I am still trying to get the animated picture to work at the top of this blog entry. It is supposed to be a spinning tattoo, but no dice. I can't figure out why it won't animate and spin.

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