The Future of Lotteries

I was in the Philadelphia airport and I saw this unattended lottery kiosk. I could buy a Power Ball, Mega Millions, Three Number, Four Number or Five Number early or late drawings. The kiosk accepted cash on the spot.

I immediately realized that with a connected world, lotteries of the future would be much like this. You would go up to the kiosk, put your money in and get a ticket. The big difference, is that with players from around the world, you could have a draw every five minutes for millions of dollars. Lotteries will become instant.

You could also participate in lotteries on the death of a celebrity (like betting on the death date of Zsa Zsa Gabor), or the wheat crop in Canada, or just about anything. Waiting a week for the draw will be passe.

New forms of lotteries will come out that are micro lotteries with very good chances of winning small amounts if you play it often.

The hallmark of lotteries of the future is instant gratification. If you lose, you can play again until you run out of money.

The gambling urge is very basic to human beings, and it will always be around. As a matter of fact, the oldest profession is prostitution. Gambling is a close second.

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