Floor Coverings Coming

You won't recognize conventional floors of the future. We are already starting to get a glimpse of what can be done. The first intimation of the future of flooring came in the movie Saturday Night Fever, where John Travolta strutted his stuff on a dynamic disco floor that was out of this world. Lights flashed and patterns changed on the floor and we were all dazzled.

Take a look at the left hide side of the above picture. It is of the carpeting of a ballroom floor in a hotel in Texas. The carpet is patterned to create an optical illusion to make it look like there are waves in the floor. Apparently, it is quite the sensation to dance on.

The changes to flooring will be dramatic. With the touch a button, patterns will change, colour will change, and even texture will change. It will go from a soft carpet to a surface on which you can putt a golf ball. You can even program it, so that if you bring a woman to your apartment for a dinner date, the floor gets softer as the evening progresses.

The flooring of the future will also change our behaviour. For example if you dial in a shag rug, when you are lying drunk on the floor, you can hold on to something. You got to marvel at modern progress.

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