Eliminating Man Boobs

Now that Viagra has taken care of the first major problem that a man faces when aging, the second one will become a goldmine for whoever solves it with pharmaceuticals. I am talking about the scourge of man boobs.

In the Seinfeld show, Cosmo Kraemer invents a bra for men that he calls the bro. This invention would be obviated by a new spray invention that shrinks man boobs. As men age and put on weight, they start to get breasts and unless you are prepared to spend every other waking hour in the gym, they are difficult to get rid of. The answer is a spray just like Oil of Olay.

Women have their wrinkle cream. We men will have our man boob spray. There is only one caution. If you carry it on your person in public, you may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. After all, this is a boob eliminator and there are a lot of boobs out there.

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