Data Wrappers

One of the biggest problems with data is that it is quite useless without an application to do something with it. When we get a file, we rely on it's file extension to tell us what it is. For example, when we see .jpg, we know that we can expect to see a picture.

This is quite inefficient. For example, data on a Mac is usually not transferable to data on a PC unless we have appropriate programs on both ends.

What the world needs is an innovative new data structure. This would be a wrapper on the outside of sort of a universal envelope. The envelope will tell us what is inside, who sent it, who created it, when it was last modified, and it self-executes. This means that it can display itself on any computer without a program.

The wrapper could be so configured that it would be impossible to hide a virus inside the data. And when you pop this data into a database, it is self-sorting because it knows about itself.

New data handling methods are going to be required, because our ability to generate data is outstripping our ability to handle it. The only thing growing faster than the amount of data we generate, is the amount of bullshit that politicians spew. And that isn't worth storing.

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