Daily Bread

Bread makers as we know them, are going to be toast. They are just two inefficient. They make a whole loaf that will go stale before you can eat it. And you are pretty much stuck making one kind of bread unless you get a lot of different kinds of flour and ingredients.

The bread maker of the future, will in fact be a slice maker rather than a bread maker. It will make any quantity on demand. It will also be super smart.

You can have one slice with white bread, but up the protein level by two or three percent, and dial down the carbs. The second slice will have a crispy crust. The third slice will be rye bread. You will be able to control the protein, carbohydrate and moisture levels.

The slice maker will be connected to the computer monitoring your biometrics, so any extra nutritional needs will be automagically added.

I guarantee that these new machines will be incredible popular. They will be the best thing since sliced bread. Come to think of it, they .. make sliced .. oh never mind!

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