Stove of the Future

One of the most inefficient, backwards energy wasters in our lives today is the stove. The basic concept of the stove hasn't changed since the days of the woodstove. Back in the day, you had a woodfire in a firebox with a chimney. The fire was for warmth. The top of the firebox got real hot, and you put the pots on the hot metal to cook. We haven't moved too far off that concept today.

The stoves of the future will be much different. For one, they will be much more energy efficient. You won't have the whole deal of creating heat, transferring it to a pot, and then heating a cooking medium and then heating the food.

Stoves have to become more efficient. Like a microwave, they will heat the food directly. Firstly, cooking pots will advance to heating elements attached. And stoves will become smaller and smaller. Probes will be developed that use various energy (microwave, ultrasound, piezoelectric) to stick into the food to cook it, or to provide energy directly into the interior of the pot.

You will also see more computerization of the process of cooking food. Micro-controllers will monitor the heat delivery and cooking cycles. "Log On" will take on a whole different meaning other than making the stove hotter by throwing a piece of wood on the fire.

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