Remote Control For Your Body

We are truly in the age of the implantable. There have been pacemakers for a long time. We have implantable drug dosers where a device lets out drugs over a specified time period. When I gaze into the crystal ball to see where this trend will go, I see implantable electro-biological controls in the near future.

For example, why would a patient have to have surgery when his/her pacemaker needs service. Surely the technology exists to recharge the battery without wires. My toothbrush does this. Also remote control can be used to change the settings on the device.

I also see this technology being used to stimulate insulin production, speed up the metabolism, stimulate the brain to reduce sleepiness when driving. There are all sorts of remote controls that can be implemented and implanted in the body.

The only danger that I see, is letting someone else get control of the remote. Hmmmmm.

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