Post Third-World Production And Assembly

What happens when third world countries advance and no longer allow child labour? What happens when Nike cannot have it shoes made in far-off tropical lands for $8.00 per week per assembler? I have always said that we are in for a huge explosion in robotics in our future.

There will come a time when the value of robots will outstrip the value of third world, poorly educated assemblers. At that point the Industrial Revolution will have truly come when robots take over the manufacture and assembly of most things including robots making other machines.

Manufacturing will drastically change. Machines will make things, and make them with less waste. Instead of big machines stamping things out of metal, small machines will deposit metal in the shape of the required object. Instead of big mills refining steel into slabs to waste further energy to press, melt, drill, weld, and bolt together steel bits, computers will use just enough steel to form the part to order without all of those brute interim forces.

We will see a revolution in manufacturing finesse, based on chemistry, robotics, molecular science and energy advances. And we will see a whole slew of other problems introduced by robotics -- like illegal robots smuggled in from Mexico. Some things will never change.

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