Persistent Internet Connection from the Human Body

Here it comes. It is bound to happen. Your body will be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be connected to the cloud. There will be billions of computers connected to the cloud. They will share monitoring your body.

Your heart rate, breathing and all vital signs will be monitored and data mined. (I just received an interesting business plan for a data mining internet appliance). Your GPS co-ordinates will be followed. If you pass a store, a virtual coupon for your shopping list will be put on your mobile device. Every single thing that you do, will be monitored by your doctor, your shopkeeper, your bookie, and .... dare I say this ... YOUR GOVERNMENT.

But it won't be all bad. Data will be smart and will not let itself go to just anybody, but to authenticated users. For example, all data will be encapsulated with a virtual envelope that only the recipient will be able to read.

Older folk will resist the total persistent internet connection, but they will miss out on so many things that it will be worthwhile to have it put in.

The other people who will resist this concept will be the religious neo-cons who will see this as the sign of the Beast 666. But if you are connected, you can instantly play that number in the Pick 3 Daily Lotto and win big.

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