Emotional Stew

Mankind has made an accidental discovery with coffee, tobacco and chocolate. Drink, smoke or eat these substances and endorphins and brain chemicals are released to make us feel more alert, calmer, or happier.

In this brave new world, we already have 5 hour energy drinks that boost our energy. We have electrolyte replacement like Gatorade. We will have Gatorade for the Brain.

Want to feel nostalgic? Have a cup of Celestial Seasonings YesterYear. Coffee designers will create an espresso type of drink called Passionata to make you more passionate. (It will be abused. Old geezers will use it to wash down their Viagra). You will be able to take a few sips of Confidence Builder and give that speech to your boss and co-workers with no problems.

Every single passion, feeling and emotion that you can think of, will be boosted by these drinks. However many that are developed, they will never supersede or outsell the original -- alcohol. Homer Simpson correctly calls alcohol the cause of and the answer to all of Life's problems.

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