Don't Show Me The Money

I can see it now. How will you know the poor in this great new future of ours? Easy, they will be the only ones carrying actual money. The rest of us will have e-Money or electronic money.

This will change the face of commerce as we know it. With e-Money, you can be paid instantly. You can and will be paid by the minute. And you will have access to your money the minute that you earn it. (Being paid by the minute is nothing new. My friend is an airline hostess, and she is paid by the minute for every minute that the plane is in the air. She is paid nothing for ground time.)

Governments will not tax the money that you make, but rather the flow of money -- in real time. When you buy something from a server in New York, the sales tax will flow directly to the state coffers. When someone pays you, the income tax will be not how much money in total over a year, but rather the government will take its cut as it happens. It will be a flat tax.

And e-Money will not be controlled by "the system". You will have some measure of control. You will have the capability of allocating a certain amount to the equivalent of a debit card (charge cards and debit cards will go the way of the dodo bird). This way you can budget your purchases and mad money.

Banking will also become personal as well. Anyone will be able to do it. If you have some spare money, you can transfer it to a loan pool, and make money on it -- even if it is only a dollar. That is another aspect of e-Money. You will be able to make money in micro amounts. Now, if you make a thousandth of a cent, it is no big whoop and you can't collect it. But suppose you made a thousandth of a cent per internet hit and you had a million hits per hour, over a period of time, that money would add up.

This change to the way that money is handled will greatly affect pop culture. Your 'two cents' will change. 'Buddy can you spare a dime' will change. 'A penny for your thoughts' will change. And you will no longer say that 'change is inevitable except from a vending machine'. Change will not be delivered mechanically so you will always get your change from a vending machine. And if you allocate enough money, you could conceivably buy the vending machine from itself.

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