Disposable Robotics

As you wait in line at WalMart or some other store, in our Brave New World in the not-too-distant future, you will see the displays of bubble gum, batteries and disposable mini-robots. That scenario is definitely in our future.

The field of robotics will become huge. Robots will get smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper. They will be machine-made by other robots and eventually we will get to the stage of disposable robots.

The imaginary disposable robot pictured above is a pot-scrubber. After you have cooked on food to your pot, making the inside a mess, you put in a bit of water and soap, and toss in the disposable pot-scrubbing robot. Five minutes later, your pot is shining again.

We will have disposable robots for a multitude of things. Swiffer will come out with a little robot that you let loose on your floors. It will traverse the floors picking up dirt and when it is full, it will find its way to the garbage can.

Mini throw-away robots will do everything from shine shoes, to open cans, to grate cheese, to buff cars ... the uses are endless.

Already we have shown that we as human beings like robots for entertainment. I for one, find it amazing that instead of creating mini-robots to scrub cholesterol plaque off arteries, we build ones with flames and chainsaws to battle other mechanical gladiators in Robot Wars? It proves that humans can be as cold as a machine as well.

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