Analyze THIS!

Big Brother will be watching you in the future. And you will like it. I foresee the invention of the analysis and inference engine that analyses everything you do and offers suggestions on how to live your life. Of course, the engine will be connected to the internet so that it can access data for comparison and inference.

What might this analysis engine tell you? It might tell you that your intake of sodium has been a little high lately. It may tell you that you haven't communicated with your mother lately. It my tell you that your caloric intake is too high, and based on the amount of time at your computer, it may infer that you aren't getting enough exercise.

It may watch over you while you do the spreadsheet for the boss, and suggest that your revenue projections are a little high. It may tell you that there is an interesting points spread with the Vegas bookies on you favourite sports team. It may tell you that your kid has been researching alternative methods to "hot knives". It may tell you that based on your current investment portfolio, you might not be able to retire until you are 180 years old.

You get the picture. This thing never sleeps. Like your wife, it remembers everything that you have ever communicated, and unlike your wife, it remembers the good stuff too. This appliance will truly be your personal digital assistant, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you think that this is far-fetched and wonder what people will do when machines take over the tasks that we do regularly now, consider this. The rate of change in the world and in our lives is accelerating. Human beings are not adapted to the speed of change. Appliances like this will help us adapt, and allow us to keep on top of things. It will allow us to manage change.

And all of this change reminds me of the Zen hotdog vendor. Whenever someone buys a hotdog with twenty dollar bill he pockets the whole amount. When people ask for change, he replies that change must come from within.

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