The Advent of the Micro Job

Our parents had just a handful of jobs in their entire careers, and stuck with one for over 25 years to retire from it. That paradigm is quickly disappearing. Most people now have had at least 5 jobs before age thirty, and that number will continue to accelerate.

Where will it end? I can see the advent of the micro-job. In a typical morning, a person will use his ubiquitous connectivity to read the newspaper. He will earn a couple of dollars for participating in a survey aimed specifically at his demographic. His email will have a query on his educational specialty. He will answer that, and earn a few more dollars.

Our intrepid worker then connects to his job page. Corporation ABC has a three week job for him which he accepts. Corporation XYZ has a 4 hour job which he also accepts. Each time he clicks and finishes a job, no matter how big or small, he is accruing benefits payments and retirement savings in a digital fashion. In some cases, a quick 5 minute job may add 1/64th of a cent to his retirement savings, but the idea is that you do it continuous for many years. Just like in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a meal at the end of the universe to watch the universe end is horrendously expensive. But the way that you pay for it, is to deposit a penny in a bank in your account, and it few million years that it takes for the universe to end, compound interest will have accumulated such that you can pay for it.

So be on the lookout for a micro-job. It definitely is the wave of the future for office jobs. Micro-jobs of course doesn't work for careers like lumberjacks. They pretty much want you on location full time, or you will get the axe.

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