Summer Time, and Missing Golf in the Boreal Forest

I have played some PGA rated golf courses in my life. Playing a challenging course is a lot of fun. However, when I just want to relax, I play a small nine hole golf course cut through the boreal forest back in the sticks. It is my favourite golf course for just relaxing.

It is called Blue Heron, and it is located near Lanark, Ontario, Canada. It is a short course. Being in the tropics, I miss the golf. Summer in the Bahamas is hot and stinky. The courses all charge ridiculous fees to play golf and I don't play much in the tropics.

Here are a few photos from the course:
The Clubhouse

Waiting for tee-off.

The path to the tee box for the first hole.

Looking across the first fairway.

The sign on the road.

This is the URL for the golf course:

If you find any balls on the course marked "The One & Only Ocean Club", then you will know that they are mine.

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