Outdoor Ice Hockey Rink in the Bahamas

Canadians are called Crazy Canucks. Only Canadians would build an outdoor ice hockey arena in the Bahamas, but they did.

Here are the bleachers:

They got a beer company to sponsor the center face off circle and red line. That is another Canadian trait -- BEER!

Here is the far side. Note the face off circles on each side of the goal:

Here's looking the other way:

Notice the puddle where you can see that the ice surface has recently melted in the tropical heat:

I can hardly wait until it turns cold and it freezes over again so that we can play hockey.


GBO said...

Hi, nice pictures and fun story. You are kidding? they don´t really freeze an outdoor ice there? or?
May I use your pictures and your story in an advertising Journal for my local hockey club. We arrange a hockey tournament for kids, "2-City Cup", in Vanersborg-Trollhättan Sweden.
Best regards
Goran Borg

Caine Mutiny said...

This is a joke. It is a rink for roller hockey for a bunch of Canadians in the Bahamas. Go ahead and use the pictures and article if you wish.