Going to Church

One of the more unique boating customs in the Bahamas is called "Going To Church". Every Sunday, those who have boats pile into them and drive them a few miles to an offshore island completely surrounded by beaches.

They back their boats in. Sometimes the boats are stacked chock-a-block full like a parking lot at a stadium. After the anchors are set, you stand chest deep in the water and drink. Alcohol. Some of the more adventurous put up an umbrella on the shore. Some more chairs, coolers and barbecues to the shore. And then you drink. The drinking is punctuated by periods of standing chest deep in the water.

The beach is overrun by dogs, kids, fat-bottom girls and of course the promenade. The promenade is when you put on your sunscreen and floppy hat and stroll among the church goers to see who you know.

This is a partial picture of last Sunday's Church:

Going home, I like to hang my feet overboard and let the spray cool them:

We followed this boat out because Bruce who was driving it was familiar with the pin reefs that surround the island and cause damage or sinking to your boat.

Going to church this way, may not save you from Hell, but the beaches are heavenly. And it is a hull of a way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in paradise.

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