Deep Economic Talk With Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

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Mystery Jaw Bone

My friend Sonia just got back from Quito in Ecuador. She found this jawbone on the Cotopaxi volcano. I tried to figure out what it was. It wasn't a horse jaw. It didn't belong to a donkey. Llamas have a canine tooth and it wasn't a llama. I next thought that it might be a vicuna. No luck. I finally identified it. It is the jaw bone of an alpaca.

Prediction -- Celebrity Death

Here is another prediction for you. Zsa Zsa Gabor will come to an untimely end in 2010. This will likely happen between August and November of 2010. Remember, you read it here first.

Land Crab

My friend Yves took this picture of a land crab. It is a large terrestrial crab that is used in crab and rice, and crab and dough recipes in the tropics. We suspect that this one is an escapee from a cage in the market.

Post it where everyone will see it

My friend works at a major bank here in the islands. They have a recognition program. They posted the poster where everyone will be sure to see it.

New Parking Garage in Munich Germany

The photos above were taken at a new parking garage in Munich. The actual space that the facility occupies is approximately only 20% of a comparable facility with the traditional design that is used primarily in the US. Not only is the German structure less expensive to build, but vehicles are also 'retrieved' in less time and without the potential of being damaged by an attendant.

Ghetto Hairdo

You see some weird ghetto hairstyles in the tropics. This one was snapped at a fast food joint.

Sleeping at the Office

I arrived for an early morning meeting at the office and found that someone had been sleeping there. There was also the remains of a meal.

In a third world tropical country there is no social safety net. The country is simply too poor to take care of its poor.

Tee Shirts

They sell a lot of tee shirts in the tropics. Here are a few that I would like to see:

The perfect one to wear when you are watching sports on TV.

Work wear!

For arguments.

I have always struggled with the concept of working for a living.

I found out that it really is when I engaged life. I put my right foot in ... and thats when the trouble started.

Going to Church

One of the more unique boating customs in the Bahamas is called "Going To Church". Every Sunday, those who have boats pile into them and drive them a few miles to an offshore island completely surrounded by beaches.

They back their boats in. Sometimes the boats are stacked chock-a-block full like a parking lot at a stadium. After the anchors are set, you stand chest deep in the water and drink. Alcohol. Some of the more adventurous put up an umbrella on the shore. Some more chairs, coolers and barbecues to the shore. And then you drink. The drinking is punctuated by periods of standing chest deep in the water.

The beach is overrun by dogs, kids, fat-bottom girls and of course the promenade. The promenade is when you put on your sunscreen and floppy hat and stroll among the church goers to see who you know.

This is a partial picture of last Sunday's Church:

Going home, I like to hang my feet overboard and let the spray cool them:

We followed this boat out because Bruce who was driving it was familiar with the pin reefs that surround the island and cause damage or sinking to your boat.

Going to church this way, may not save you from Hell, but the beaches are heavenly. And it is a hull of a way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in paradise.

New iPhone Logo

Apple has take steps to recognize the recent spate of suicides at the iPhone factory. They have changed the logo to honor those employees who offered the sincerest self-criticism of themselves.

Botanicals and Biologicals

Today's entry is on stuff that grows in the tropics. In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned that I had met the owner of Paris Bahamas skin care company who was processing poinciana seeds for her cosmetics company. I was surprised by her statement that the oil of the seeds has anti-oxidant properties. I collected a handful below. I wanted to know if the seed was edible. I didn't find out, but I did find out that the seed is 13.5% oil which is high and that it contains fatty acids. I have to do some more googling, because there are more poinciana trees around here than you can shake a stick at.

And then we have mameys. I have had Cuban mameys, and they were delicious. They were more like sapodillas. These had two huge seeds in them with a bit of flesh that wasn't that particularly sweet.

The two big yellow things that I am holding are the seeds from one of those. The flesh is a mere coating on the surface of mostly seeds. The taste of this had puke undertones -- not as much as jujus, but the fruit is highly disappointing as a fruit. Not a great future in the exotic, expensive fruit niche.

The Butt Lift

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Most of you know I went in for a small surgical procedure for a butt lift. I did not have the most pleasant of experiences. I wanted to show you how it turned out. Please, refrain from getting this procedure.
    will regret it!

    Much Love,
    P.S. I sent a picture below...

Summer Time, and Missing Golf in the Boreal Forest

I have played some PGA rated golf courses in my life. Playing a challenging course is a lot of fun. However, when I just want to relax, I play a small nine hole golf course cut through the boreal forest back in the sticks. It is my favourite golf course for just relaxing.

It is called Blue Heron, and it is located near Lanark, Ontario, Canada. It is a short course. Being in the tropics, I miss the golf. Summer in the Bahamas is hot and stinky. The courses all charge ridiculous fees to play golf and I don't play much in the tropics.

Here are a few photos from the course:
The Clubhouse

Waiting for tee-off.

The path to the tee box for the first hole.

Looking across the first fairway.

The sign on the road.

This is the URL for the golf course:

If you find any balls on the course marked "The One & Only Ocean Club", then you will know that they are mine.

Outdoor Ice Hockey Rink in the Bahamas

Canadians are called Crazy Canucks. Only Canadians would build an outdoor ice hockey arena in the Bahamas, but they did.

Here are the bleachers:

They got a beer company to sponsor the center face off circle and red line. That is another Canadian trait -- BEER!

Here is the far side. Note the face off circles on each side of the goal:

Here's looking the other way:

Notice the puddle where you can see that the ice surface has recently melted in the tropical heat:

I can hardly wait until it turns cold and it freezes over again so that we can play hockey.